Witness, Mercy, and Life-Together

"This is how the church lives and works together to proclaim the Gospel and to provide for our brothers and sisters in Christ in our congregations, communities and throughout the world. And in all we do, Christ is at the center, leading us, sustaining us, keeping us focused on our mission. This will never change."



We give witness and confess the Christian faith as found in the Holy Scriptures of the bible. We speak the truth of the Gospel of what God has done for us and what He continues to do! At Prince of Peace we do this and learn to do so through:



God pours out His Mercy upon us and calls us His own children. Through the work of His only Son Jesus Christ, He frees us to love and share in the same grace and mercy we receive from Him. It is in this sharing that we acknowledge, recognize, show value, listen, forgive, show compassion, speak up for, and act in mercy to those around us.

  • Ministry to the Armed Forces
    We take a special interest in caring for armed forces personnel and their families. This means everything from being friends to those stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McCord (JBLM), to being a participant congregation in our church body's Operation Barnabas. Learn more about how Operation Barnabas serves members of the military and their families in this pdf flyer and by connecting with them on facebook.

  • Food Closet
    We have a food closet for qualifying families that opens every Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Should you desire food assistance, please be sure to bring proof of address and documentation to show how many family members need assistance in your home.

  • Lutheran World Relief

  • Tacoma's Seafarer's Center

  • Tyee Park Elementary's Backpack Program We provide food, shoes, clothing, blankets, air mattresses, school supplies, and various other items when called upon to support the children at Tyee Park who are in need. Often times these donations mean the difference of a child or family going without food or basic needs for learning and living. This partnership began with a request for a few journal notebooks. It has since grown to a beautiful partnership and ministry with our nearby school where we reach out and shower those in need with love and compassion.

  • Thrivent Action Teams are a one-time fundraiser, service activity or educational event that can be completed within 90 days. These are funded by Thrivent Financial with a $250 Community Impact Card that can be used as seed money to get a project off the ground and make a bigger impact. These action teams are given to Thrivent members each year to help make an impact in their local communities. To learn more about becoming a Thrivent member or for more information about Thrivent Financial click here.

  • Men's Network

  • Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) - our ladies are apart of the WA-AK District LWML

  • Supporting our Missionaries Worldwide



In participating and sharing in the body of Christ, we share a common faith and we grow together as members of His family. These times of fun and fellowship are times for us to get together and grow in our relationships with one another and in Christ. At Prince of Peace we rejoice in these opportunities to unite.

We do this through:

  • Lutheran Youth Fellowship

  • Adult Choir

  • Altar Guild

  • Family Game Night

  • Family Movie Night

  • Our Annual Church Picnic

  • POP Out Dinners in the community and in each others homes during the summer months.

  • Ladies Spring and Advent Brunches

  • Ladies Night Out

  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner

  • Potlucks

  • And so much more...