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Wild West Men's Retreat at Mount Shoshone    May 18th - May 20th

   *The Outsiders    By Don Spaulding

*The Outsiders By Don Spaulding

Registration and additional Information available here. Registration closes May 11th.

Weekend Theme: We'll be studying the book of Daniel and how God's truths apply to our life in our modern day Babylon.

Log furniture construction
Mountain biking
Competition pistol shoots
Sporting Clays
Rock Wall Climbing
Zip-line & Giant's Swing
Worship and Bible Study

Buck Knives giveaways!

New & Improved Pine-wood Derby

Wild West Decathlon:

Knife & Hatchet Throwing, darts, blackjack, high ropes, pistol, and archery competitions.

Service Project (Optional)
We're putting false fronts on our horse barns and turning them into a Wild West Main Street complete with saloon, town hall, mercantile, and jail.

Choose your own adventure!
Option A: Play all weekend - $146 for adults
Option B: Serve & Play - $86 for adults

*Reduced Cost! - Bring a youth age 12-18 for $45!


New Adult Forum Study


We will be beginning a book study in the weeks ahead using the book: The Necessary Distinction: A Continuing Conversation on Law and Gospel Edited by Albert Collver III, James Arne Netingen, and John T. Pless. CPH 2017. We will be using the study guide provided by CPH. You can download this study guide here.

If you are new to C.F.W. Walther's Proper Distinction of Law and Gospel, you can find an outline and Study Companion of C.F W. Walther's Work here.

The cost of the book for our class is $25. If you are interested in reading with us, please place your order with the church by no later than April 25. It is our hope to begin the class by Sunday April 29. Of course, you are free to join us without purchasing or to purchase on your own through CPH or another source.

God Connects

Are you in need of a refresher on what Lutheran's believe? Has it been a while since you have been through confirmation? Do you have an interest in becoming a full communicant member of our church? Than God Connects might be for you? God Connects is an online course with videos put out by Lutheran Hour Ministries. I hope you will take a few minutes and check it out by downloading the study guide and checking out the lessons. You can view these lessons by clicking here.


Trail Life USA

Prince of Peace is looking into the possibility of starting an alternative scouting program that is Christian based called Trail Life USA at our church. Please click here for more information


Prince of Peace Shop with SCRIP Fundraiser

Prince of Peace is using SCRIP to raise funds for our church. The great thing about this program is that we are not asking you to give additional fund above and beyond your normal giving to the church. What we ARE asking is that you consider purchasing SCRIP gift cards for retailers you already shop with for your daily needs through the program and the church gets a rebate back on your purchase at no extra cost to you. For more information on SCRIP and how it works, please see the video below. To see a list of vendors and retailers that you may purchase SCRIP gift cards for click here

To place your order, please contact Judy Drottz and make your check payable to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. We will place your order and Judy will deliver your SCRIP gift cards at church when they come in. Thank You!



  Please bear with us. We are currently updating our website! Thank You! Questions? Contact Pastor Paul at pastor@poplakewood.org

Please bear with us. We are currently updating our website! Thank You! Questions? Contact Pastor Paul at pastor@poplakewood.org

"Prince of Peace Church is a fellowship of Lutheran Christians

whose mission is to extend the Kingdom of God for His glory. "

               — Mission Statement adopted March 20, 1994



We are a community of friends who come from all different walks of life, but who gather together to receive God's gifts of Word and Sacrament. These, in turn, empower us to go out and serve our greater community, by giving help to those in need, and by telling people the good news of the Gospel- God's love for all demonstrated for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ Jesus died and rose for us!