The Gospel DNA Toolkit is for congregations, leaders, small groups, Sunday school classes,

leadership teams – and actually, anyone – who want to learn more about the connection between

the missional LCMS history and how it relates to the challenges we face as a church today.

The videos are from Texas District President Rev. Michael Newman and

NOW District President Rev. Dr. Paul Linnemann’s presentations during the 2018 NOW District Convention in Portland, Oregon.

* A New lesson and Video will be added each month with the exception of December.*


Gospel DNA FAQ’s

Gospel DNA Leadership Team Guide

How To Guide for Facilitators and Participants

President Linnemann's Letter Re: New Congregational Toolkit

Mike Newman - The Frontier - an introduction to Gospel DNA

Gospel DNA Session 1: The Frontier

Download the Study Guide here: Gospel DNA Study 1: The Frontier GUIDE

Study 1: "The Frontier," dives into some of the challenges faced by early LCMS Christians, and considers how those experiences can be used to help with the challenges of today.

President Linnemann's Report to the Northwest District 2018 Convention.

Gospel DNA Session 2: Movement & Institution

Download the Study Guide here: Gospel DNA Study 2: Movement and Institution GUIDE

Study 2: "Movement and Institution" is built around President Rev. Dr. Paul Linnemann's address at the 2018 District Convention. During the video, you will hear more about some of the differences between a movement (outward-focused) and an institution (inward-focused). 

President Linnemann also talks about the importance of investing in people rather than in things, the wide variety of ministry contexts in the Northwest, and revisits the Five Hills of Ministry that were introduced at the 2012 District Convention.


Gospel DNA Session 3: Strand #1 People

Download the Study Guide here: Gospel DNA Study 3 People GUIDE

"The greatest struggle is to really care about others, to love people, to have time for people. There are a bunch of people we don't really like, or are really afraid of... but we can take the risk as people on the frontier and follow Jesus on His mission to be a friend of sinners."

Study 3 introduces the guide and video for DNA Strand 1, "People," which was outlined by Texas District President Rev. Mike Newman during his presentations at the 2018 NOW District Convention. Newman puts forth the idea that our legacy is an active love for people.

"The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod had as its primary DNA strand, its primary marker - it oozes from the pages of written documents from all of our historical leaders - a love for people. A deep and abiding passion for peoples' souls, their eternity, their standing with Jesus Christ," Newman said.

Bonus Video: Family Ministry

Gospel DNA Session 4: TBA in November